08 11 / 2011

The venerable Asiatic sporters of ugly flower shirts finally have their own viral video, and it’s a Lady Gaga cover. It begins with an odd parade of young women holding clear replicas of traditional Chinese instruments, plus a keytar. Then, just when you might be getting bored, a giant cutaway doll house filled with old people singing Gaga rolls onto the stage. Their enthusiastic songs stylings are excellent. Their spastic, under-rehearsed choreography: totally hipster. The facial expression of the woman at 3:20 which seems to have people freaking out: very reminiscent of faces I have seen my grandmother make at her Peking Opera rehearsal nights, also a beloved and perhaps more dignified form of social entertainment among the older set.

As a teenager I was equally frightened and impressed with her transformation from quiet matriarchal power to theatrical crazy eyes, and I guess who wouldn’t be? A tip from the master (my Nainai): flatten your top lip down over your teeth and hold it frozen that way while you are singing to achieve pro-like excellence. Now you are ready to join the senior citizens choir and get famous.

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