09 7 / 2012

Five reasons why I know that half-Asians are going to take over the world.

1) The only couples I see anymore are Asian women with white boyfriends (okay, sometimes it’s an Asian guy and a white girl). My boyfriend and I are a little sensi about this because it makes us feel like a walking cliché, but only about a half of a walking cliché because we are both racially mixed.

2) Because there is a TBS sitcom about a half Korean guy premiering soon. My usual level of excitement about new TBS sitcoms has increased approximately 1000%.

3) A man came into the bookstore where I work today, walked straight up to my desk, and asked me if I was half-Asian. When I said, “yes,” he said, “I knew it! Half-Asians are going to take over the world!” He was half-Japanese and promptly left without looking at any books.

4) Your emails and photos like these:

Hi, My name is Allison and I am a half-Chi-Taiwanese-Kansan. These two pics are of my grandparents. They were Chinese nationals that moved to Taiwan just after WWII. They lived there until 1964 when they came to DC to lead lives of American hipster-almost-fratitude. The one with me was after I played the violin in my high school talent show. They are obviously dressed up and my Grandpa Steve made sure not to forget his Russian Sailor’s cap at home…My grandpa always brings clothes to my brother and boyfriend when he comes over. They’ve been hanging in his closet for years and my dad and uncle have refused them for long enough. My brother keeps a novelty closet of clothes at home for when he’s feeling particularly hip.

- Allison Ho from Kansas City

5. An interview I will be publishing here soon with a talented half-Chinese artist!

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